Hire A Carpet Cleaning Company or Rent A Machine?

Are you selling your house? Could you be having a company over? Or could you have finally gotten tired of looking at your worn-out carpeting? The answer common to all these questions. Having clean carpets will make a huge difference to the appearance of your home. Even if you think that your carpets are not dirty because you don’t see stains, don’t be fooled. Dirt is deeply embedded at the bottom of the carpet fibers and can slowly destroy your carpet.

There are two methods of cleaning your carpets: you can rent a carpet-cleaning service or hire a carpet cleaning machine.

When you are seeking affordable carpet cleaning, it is wise to consider everything, from base price to labor to purchasing additional supplies.Hiring a carpet cleaning company.

•Trained professionals will know what type of solution to use on different fibers and how to remove “impossible” stains.
•Their truck-mounted equipment is more powerful than the small machines you buy or rent.
•They have been trained how to deodorize and remove pet stains.
•You do not have to do any manual labor.

•It’s easier to be conned by a company than by yourself; companies may “Bait and Switch” – charge a low price up front and then ask for more money when the job is done.
•A company may pressure you to purchase additional services, products or guarantees.•Because they usually charge by the square foot, you can expect to pay between $140 and $250.
•There may also be scheduling hassles, especially if you work long hours outside of the home.

•DIY is cost-effective; the average daily price to rent a carpet cleaner is $20, although that price does not include the cleansing solution, which can bring the total price up to $30-50.
•Convenience: most supermarkets rent carpet-cleaning machines and you can often rent it without having to reserve it.
•Free customer service is available to you from the store that rented you the machine, as well as demonstrations prior to taking it home.
Clean your own carpets at any time of the day without having the hassle of scheduling a service within business hours.

•Although it is not hard, DIY does mean rolling up your sleeves and getting to work.
•You may not know whether to use pre-treatments or stain removers for difficult spots.
•It is your responsibility to inspect the machine before renting to make sure there are no dirty bristles, animal hairs or broken parts that will make your job harder.

Considering the pros and cons of the two options, it is better to rent a carpet-cleaning machine rather than hiring a cleaning company. It is more convenient in that you can use it at any time you are available for the task. It is also cheaper and free customer service is available from the machine owners. A quality machine will give the same results as a carpet cleaning company.