Steam Mops: Better Than String Mops

mop-cleaning steamEveryone knows the importance of having a clean home. If your home is dirty, it can lead to accidents, your family becoming sick, and just an overall feeling of dirtiness. But how important is it to have clean floors?

Spills happen every day, we all know that. But if you allow dirt and grime to become built up on your floors they can become sticky and slippery all at the same time. This is completely unavoidable with regular floor cleaning. Also, keeping clutter off your floors is important because it reduces the risk of falls, which we all know happen from time to time.

It also improves the way others see your home. If you were to walk into someone’s house that had no clutter on their floors but you could see a buildup of dirt and grime you would be lead to the assumption that you might know how to pick up the big stuff but that you are unable to actually clean your home.

Steam mops come in handy when you are cleaning all that dirt and grime from your floors. They are much faster at removing a mess than a traditional string mop and let’s be honest; everyone wants to get done cleaning as quickly as possible.

A significant benefit that a steam mop has over a traditional mop is that generally speaking, they can heat the water to around 200 degrees. Hot water cleans better than cold water, and most household water heaters only get up to around 120 degrees, even at the hottest setting, and by the time you get the water in your bucket and then onto to the floor you are lucky if your water is at 100 degrees.

Once you add your detergent to your steam mop, cleaning up even the biggest of messes should be a breeze.

steam mop-cleaningThe big thing you will need to watch out for when it comes to steam mops though is making sure that you read the manufacturers directions before beginning. You will need to make sure that the type of flooring that you have will be able to handle the amount of water and steam that will be placed on your floor. Unsealed wood floors, for example, would not be able to deal with a cleaning from a steam mop because the water would seep in and warp the wood.

Knowing the importance of having clean floors is important. We all want to make sure that our homes are clean and free of messes. Owning a steam mop will help to aid you in your journey to maintaining a clean home. Steam mops offer many benefits and are a great addition to your closet of cleaning supplies.

There are many options available on the current market, and each offers something different. Read online reviews and talk with friends and family to discover which options in steam mops are right for you. We all want to make sure that we offer the best home to our families, and having clean floors is one of the ways to do that.

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