The Best Steam Mop Based on Reviews

steam mop reviewIf you own or rent a house or apartment, have ever worked in a restaurant or any other job, chances are, you’ve had to mop a floor at one point in your life. If you have cleaned any tile or flooring, you understand how tedious of a process it can be.

A string mop or flat mop typically takes a lot of preparation beforehand as well as scrubbing, which puts stress on your arms and back. If you look at a few steam mop reviews, you will come to find that steam mops generally the cleaning process easier.

Advantages of Owning a Steam Mop:

  • Steam mops are generally lightweight and relatively easy to operate. These type of mops usually come equipped with a mop head that swivels, making it simpler to guide and clean at awkward angles. Most come with a long cord as well, allowing you to cover large areas with very little effort.
  • They are fantastic at sanitizing and disinfecting floors. They come with tanks that you fill with water before turning it on. When you activate it, the water heats up, usually under a minute, until it becomes steam. The steam is then released through the microfiber pad on the floor killing germs, bacteria, mold and dust mites on contact. It’s important to find a steam mop that can reach over 200 degrees Fahrenheit to sanitize and disinfect your floors efficiently.
  • Steam cleaning is eco-friendly and safer for pets and children, as there is no need for a detergent that might have harsh chemicals or toxins in them. Steam mops are also very cost effective. They generally cost more up front than a traditional string mop. However, you will save more with a steam mop in the long run, and they do not emit an odor, unlike traditional mops.
  • With a regular mop, you will typically need a bucket, wringer and possibly a scrub brush. However, when you have a steam cleaner, it is virtually all you need. Most if not all stains come up quickly with a steam cleaner, so there is no need to overexert or possibly hurt yourself by getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing your floor.
  • Steam mops can be used on many different surfaces, such as linoleum, tile, stone, marble, laminate and bamboo. Most steam cleaners allow you to adjust the level of steam, letting you deep clean or gently clean depending on how tough or delicate the surface is. However, always be sure to test a small area before using the steam mop on your floors, and to keep the steam mop moving. The last thing you want to do is damage your floors by leaving it in one spot for too long.

It is clear that a steam mop can be better than a traditional one when it comes to cleaning your floors. It not only saves you time and space by not having to fill up and then store a large mop bucket, but it also saves you money. A steam mop is a long-lasting appliance that is an amazing investment.

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